Alais – new cow

Alais – new cow

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Young Alais is the newest addition to our hucow farm! She wrote to us that her full udders need a good milking on a regular basis, and she volunteered to be a pet cow girl at our farm, to get used to daily milking and training. We put her on the goat milker immediately, and she almost fainted from pleasure and excitement in bondage and relentless milking. We will show that soon, but first here is another session with Alais, desperate to drain her full udders, but she does not know how to milk herself properly yet. The red marks on her nipples are from the harsh goat milker session a few hours earlier, but she did not produce any milk yet. With the double breast pump, she had a little more result! But she still has a long way to go… Welcome Alais, you are staying for a while!!

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  1. When can we see the cow milker next ?? We have not see the cow milker from a long time !!!!

  2. I agree please have katie on the cow milker soon!

  3. can’t wait to watch her

  4. Pure joy on her face when she looks at the fruits of her beautiful udders.

    This young hucow will be a prize winner, to be sure!

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