Jasmine and Chessie – the cow milker

Jasmine and Chessie – the cow milker

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Here we go! Jasmine James and Chessie Kay, chained to a post, are going to try the powerful cow milker for the first time! Even experienced Hucow Jasmine is a little afraid of the sucking power of this device! As the girls find out, it only works when the vacuum is complete, so all four cups need to be blocked. After a few seconds, the vacuum (and milking rhythm) sets in at full strength and it becomes very difficult to even pull off the cups by hand! It is so powerful it leaves circular marks on their puffed up nipples! This is the most powerful milking these girls ever had!!

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  1. Well…

    Like the commercial states…

    “GOT MILK?” ?

  2. So good to see these two again! On the cow milker even better!!

  3. Jasmine is my nr1. She and Chessie are both very sexy girls. At the cowmilker they realise fantasies. Thanks to both. Merry X-mas

  4. love the website and especially the cow milker on the teats. would really like to see such erect , perky and hardened nipples get some additional attention. how about having the models experience some green elastic castration bands stretched onto their nipples either before or after the milking sessions to enhance the erotic and stimulating effect upon the models nipples.

  5. Hope you get Anissa Kate and other big stars on this gr8 site soon. “Its miking time ladies.”

  6. When will we see these two hucows back I miss them on the website

    ARE MILKED AND their milk sold to eager perverts like me ?

  8. When will we get more of this hucow.

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