Lulu – lured and stabled

Lulu – lured and stabled

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Lulu is a mature HILF! Well, she is not a HuCow yet, but when we saw her huge supple udders, we just had to lure her to our waiting room! We turned her into a pet slave by collaring her and chaining her wrists to her waist. Her top pulled down, we got a good view at those amazing udders! Those will need a lot of daily care and lubrication! It took us quite a while to oil up those big boobs to prepare them for the double breast pump! Lulu has got a lot to learn, but her first session went quite well! She seems docile with minimal struggling and her udders are big and healthy! Wait until we hook her up to the more powerful machines!

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  1. Now those are udders!!! Hook them up to the goat milker and let’s see how quickly she adapts to her new role.

    • Seeing her in bondage, stuck in one position, being milked relentlessly by a powerful goat or cow milker, would start my new year off very well <3

    • Done.

  2. Yess!!! She is so gorgeous, please put her on the goat milker! I can not wait to see more of her.

  3. Melker123

    Lulu has beautiful udders like a cow. It is ideal for the Cow Milker. About the use of ring gag and handcuffs I would be happy. they should be milked long and hard, with Chessie Kay. Thank you.

  4. Congratulations on succeeding in capturing a more mature specimen than most of the young flibbertigibbets that fall so easily into your trap. (This one’s married I notice… So some husband is going to report her missing eventually… unless, of course, it was the husband whose contrived to have her capture in the first place? perhaps in revenge for some extra martial liaison?) This one is a fully ripened and well developed cow for a change. Those big, loose, heavy breasts look like they’ve weaned a few kids already over the years, and thus they should be much easier to milk. Going off how you allowed her to remain dressed it would seem, like most women nowadays, that Lulu is needlessly self-conscious about her thick waist and no doubt over-generous ass. Do you want my advice? STRIP HER! Why should WE be concerned about HER dignity? She’s a hu-cow now… she shouldn’t even be wearing clothes. She would look much more erotic and sexual with all that pulchritude on full display. Let’s have her naked so that all the world (Or at least all the subscribers to this site.) can see that full belly and big fat ass that she was so desperate to conceal. Never mind her feelings on the matter. Oh… But she can keep the black suspender belt and fishnet stockings on if she wants to… but only because she look so fetching in them. I agree with Rawerson, seeing her immobilised in the stocks and relentlessly milked would be a good start to the year. And only what she deserves after all.

  5. This is the mikling machine that I have just bought for myself. Its this one that I need to know how long and how regular?

  6. I agree with “John” that hucows should be stripped completely naked before being milked. Some “decorations” like cowbells or collars and ball-gags, are fine, but hucows should not be allowed to wear clothing.

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