Vina – daily session

Vina – daily session

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Tiny young Vina has been added to the stables permanently. This means daily sessions on the milkers and she is getting used to it. She does not even flinch when the loud goat milking machine is switched on. Vina is bent over in the stocks frame, with a huge spreader gag causing her to drool uncontrollably. Her tiny udders are so cute! This time we use lube to suck her nipples further into the tubes (thanks to all who emailed about this), so her nipples are more supple and can grow a lot bigger from this session! The result is amazing! Poor little Vina, she is a Hucow now, nothing she can do about it. Let’s hope she will produce some milk soon!

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  1. DarthFugue


    It would be a WASTE, of a perfect HuCow, if she doesn’t start producing Milk… soon…! ?

    [To Vina]:
    You WILL start producing Milk, “li’l Bovina”…! ?

  2. With her udders so small, it will be a challenge to get a trickle of milk, won’t it? But there is great enjoyment in watching this willing hucow

  3. Is the a chance of getting some pregnant models to become hucows?

  4. You should do sessions of the breast enhancing machine on her to get those udders bigger and better

  5. Absolutely love your site. Loving her firm, soft and nautural boobs. Would like to see her go through an extreme session and end up with really sore, red and elogated thick nipple. Yums.

  6. you should show some one with good flow of milk. this type of dry milking is good, but with yield it is great. also try hand milking in a way that similar to cow milking, that is the milker should sit in front or side of the human cow then squeeze and pull the teats. it is interesting. it should not be like japanese videos in which the milker milk the cow from behind.

  7. If the pretty moo is going to wear a gag she should really moan more she’s so quiet.

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