Natalia Forrest explains – the electronic breast training machine

Natalia Forrest explains – the electronic breast training machine

The electronic breast training device has many functions and attachments. It is all very complicated and it is actually very powerful. I have received many questions about its functionality, so I got one of my HuCows to explain the device to you. Natalia Forrest will tell you about all functionality, including suction, infrared light, vibration, and electro therapy. She will also show you the various breast and nipple cups. And of course she will demonstrate it on her own boobs, which is always fun to watch! Natalia Forrest is awesome!

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  1. She has come a long way in one year in her journey into hucowdom

  2. “Now they’re infrared lights flashing like a disco going on in my breasts!”


  3. mike fader

    hi im interested in the breast training it available for sale and may I ask the price tks

  4. Shame that electroshock mode remained on 01… I hope to see more in the future! :)

  5. milk drinker

    woud love to see more use of this with the added feature especially see what the elctro side of it can do also some of the hucows who already have big udders get them on here with th massive cups see how big you can really make them cant wait for next update

  6. Very instructive video.

  7. Could the cups take L? Would love to see mine bigger..

  8. Thanks for this! I am intrigued about maybe getting one of these machines and this was really helpful. (I’m even more intrigued after watching!)

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