Cory vs the Cow Milker

Cory vs the Cow Milker

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Cory is one of our permanent HuCows (she is available for custom shoots too). But that doesn’t mean she is fully trained. She still has that smile on her face, always… We have no idea how to wipe that off, except by gagging her (and she is a spectacular drooler, so that might be nice), but we want her to be a docile and well behaved HuCow! She is trying to learn how to walk on her hands and knees (legs always bound), to give her a good posture for milking. Today, she will face a new test: the Cow Milker. It is hard to get the vacuum right, because we don’t want to suck her nipples right off, but when we turn it up high enough it is very hard to pull off the milking cups by hand. Cory tries, but her nipple is sucked in too far. And then, after she finally manages, she puts the cup back on! Is she learning?

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  1. wow, such a wonderful sight with gorgeous models and beautiful breasts. would like to recommend that the use of castration bands be used upon the erect and perky nipples of the models. specifically stretch the green elastic castration bands and apply them to the nipples of the models and follow up with clear plastic suction tubes to increase the sensitivity of the nipples and to heighten the erotic experience of the models. another suggestion would be to apply black or white opaque contacts lenses over the models eyes for some sensory deprivation play to prevent the model from actually seeing what is about to happen. overall a GREAT SITE and would love to see some more models with erect perky and hardened nipples for milking.

  2. If you want to break her keep track of every time she smiles or does something she is not supposed to do and every time just add more power to the machine in use or just make more frequent milkings for every time something is done she will break fast

    • Or perhaps just go to the good ole anal plug, like was done with a few others, slowly increasing the plug size before each session as it would take her mind off the pain.

  3. Or add to the time on a machine hooked up to her

  4. I’ve just realised that you’ve left one important aspect of the whole hu-cow transformation process out so far. I refer, of course, to BRANDING! All female cattle need to be branded with their owner’s mark for identification purposes in the eventuality that they are stolen by rustlers. I purpose, as a matter of course, that each girl has a large circular ‘hu-cows’ logo seared into the soft flesh of her right buttock by a red hot branding iron as proof of ownership. Anyway, please discuses this idea with the girls so we can get back their feedback, thoughts and opinions on the idea.

  5. this is a great update too, i wish she was in some bondage but its so nice to see cory on the cow milker!

  6. Why used mechanical milking machines when there are so many guys like me that thrive on HUCOW milk. I live in Mexico and it is easy to have a lady give daily home delivery. It is a pretty common practice.

  7. Any new scenes to feature cory in soon?

  8. Northfarmer

    What happend to this cow ? Haven’t seen her for a while here.

  9. Please try and get her back! She was my favorite

  10. Northfarmer

    Cory is back in the Netherlands. Any new scenes with here soon ?

  11. Please get her back!!
    Anyone know if she also works on others site?


  12. Seems the idear of branding them is a good idear as they seem to go missing?
    but instead of hot irons, i think an ink type stamp on the buttocks and a smaller one for the top of left breat, which can be washed off later on!

  13. Name complet please

  14. I like the breast pump, but these machines are great too. I can think of a few girls on this site and in my life that I would love to milk with something that hard to pull off.

  15. Northfarmer

    Good news, Cory is back in the country.

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