Lulu – restless cow

Lulu – restless cow

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Big titted HILF Lulu is very restless in the milking frame. She clearly does not like bondage. Or being massaged. We gagged her too, she did not like that at all!! She is so restless, trying to get free of the frame, her big udders swaying… Until we hook her up to the goat milker. Suddenly Lulu does not move at all. She is at peace, milking makes her feel good. Her huge udders are perfectly still, and you can see her enjoy her session. She should start lactating soon, she is a HILF after all! Maybe a few more sessions will do it!

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  1. Amazing hucow !!!
    She will be perfekt for the cow milker !!!

  2. Lulu has found her perfect position. How those udders look hanging so nice, hooked up!!! The goat milker is perfect.

  3. I Would like to see her on the cow Milker a lot more

  4. Excellent. That’s Rawerson’s request fulfilled. A nice docile cow with fat dangling tits imoblised and milked. When are we going to see Lulu completely naked?

  5. Yes!! i love this update, lulu has amazing breasts to be used on the goat milker, i can only wait to see her on the cow milker. May i suggest her and katie together? :)

  6. wow, such a wonderful sight with gorgeous models and beautiful breasts. would like to recommend that the use of castration bands be used upon the erect and perky nipples of the models. specifically stretch the green elastic castration bands and apply them to the nipples of the models and follow up with clear plastic suction tubes to increase the sensitivity of the nipples and to heighten the erotic experience of the models. another suggestion would be to apply black or white opaque contacts lenses over the models eyes for some sensory deprivation play to prevent the model from actually seeing what is about to happen. overall a GREAT SITE and would love to see some more models with erect perky and hardened nipples for milking. lulu would make a great test subject for the use of green elastic castration bands stretched upon her nipples along with some sensory deprivation scenarios with opaque contacts lenses inserted into her eyes to make her look like a lifeless doll.

  7. Any chances of seeing the big udders of Gianna Michaels, Phoenix Marie, Candy Manson or Mason Moore in the stable?

  8. Cow milker on Lulu Cow milkers on Luiu

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