Katie – cow vacuum

Katie – cow vacuum

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We had Katie in the milking frame, but today her back hurt a little, so we took her down and allowed her to sit on the floor. Her gigantic udders are getting used to the regular milking sessions, but today it is time to hook her onto the powerful vacuum of the cow milker! We switched off the pulsator, so instead of pumping, the machine provides continuous vacuum suction. It is very strong, and it sucked Katie’s small nipples all the way inside the metal tubes! Katie was worried, but she knows this is necessary to become a good HuCow. Especially since we recently purchased a brand new Cow Milker, which is even stronger. We need to find a HuCow strong enough for the new RED cow milker!! Will Katie be the first one?

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  1. Fantastic hucow !! But please do not switch off the pulsator. The sound of it belongs to the cow milker !!!!

  2. please do a shoot with her on bondage! love this update, the cow milker is my favorite

  3. DarthFugue

    I vote “Katie”, & “Bovina”, for the NEW RED COW-MILKER!!! ? ? ?

    MILK THOSE TEATS!!! ??? ? ?

    • I agree with you DarthFugue, those melons should be milked forever. But it would be awesome if Katie has really milk in her boobs.

  4. Not good enought
    more milking scenes when girls are bounded to milking frame

  5. wow, such a wonderful sight with gorgeous models and beautiful breasts. would like to recommend that the use of castration bands be used upon the erect and perky nipples of the models. specifically stretch the green elastic castration bands and apply them to the nipples of the models and follow up with clear plastic suction tubes to increase the sensitivity of the nipples and to heighten the erotic experience of the models. another suggestion would be to apply black or white opaque contacts lenses over the models eyes for some sensory deprivation play to prevent the model from actually seeing what is about to happen. overall a GREAT SITE and would love to see some more models with erect perky and hardened nipples for milking. Katie looks absolutely gorgeous and would love to see her experience some sensory deprivation with opaque contacts covering her beautiful eyes and would make for a better more intense shoot with Katie experiencing some green elastic castration bands upon her hardened nipples.

  6. Oh, no! Is her back still okay?….

  7. Another great video featuring the most beautiful specimen of domestic livestock on the planet. Well done. Myself I’m partial to May’s (15,1,2016) conceit that Katie was once a high flying, successful business woman. If we accept that then there’s something very satisfying about seeing her, all tousled haired and submissive, stripped naked and brought so low. That looked like it was a really uncomfortable session with the cow milker… looking a bit anxious there now Katie… are you finally realising that your pretty little nipples aren’t going to be able stand up to that sort of intense pressure indefinitely?

  8. Aww Katie’s back is aching. Could it be those well toned muscles are losing their strength due to all this inactivity? Will she eventually become so weak and enfeebled by lack of exercise that they will no longer be able to support her? And she’ll be unable to stand up? And end up having to be suspended in mid-air in a bondage harness, completely helpless, whilst her ever expanding breasts are constantly milked by the new and improved hi-powered RED cow milker? One can only hope so! Or are you secretly feeding Katie some drug that is slowly sapping her strength and will power? She seems to be doing an awful lot of lying down and sleeping for such a big healthy girl?

  9. found this site by accident, absolutely awesome what you are doing here, keep up the good work overall, you got my monthly fee all day !


  11. You called a veterinary ?

    Otherwise, fantastic site and fantastic hucow.

  12. Her boobs are fantastic I just want to milker her my self please

  13. @ milk

  14. Please, please, please…. Have her Moooooo in pleasure whilst being milked…..!

  15. Her boobs are fantastic I just want to milker her my self please

  16. marmalademadams

    Heavens! Just joined. Amazing. May members drink these girls’ milk? Fresh frozen, vacuum packed in the post?

  17. I would love to milk Katy with my mouth after getting all her
    Clothing off and some nice ropes tied around her arms and
    Her ankles.

  18. Katy has huge gorgeous utters. She desperately needs to be milked everyday for the rest of her life.

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