Cory – on all fours

Cory – on all fours

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She still thinks this is a joke, but Cory doesn’t realize she will get milked relentlessly for many many more sessions if she doesn’t start to produce milk soon! She wanted to be a perfect Hucow, enlarging her udders to be accepted for this position, but she does not really take things very seriously. How can we wipe that little smirk off her face? She is not fully trained yet, all sessions need to be in full restraints, her spirit is not broken yet. We lock her down on all fours, in seriously heavy metal, so we can hook up the goat milker again. Eventually, Cory will see that this is her life now.

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  1. I think she really gets into it and loves to be restrained as a major part. Her udders look fantastic. Perhaps the double breast pump is what she REALLY wants,

  2. Cory is a fabulous model! She always looks stunning and her reaction to her predicaments is totally hot!

  3. I like the addition of the calf feeding bucket. Hopefully we will get to see that used more in future videos.

  4. Perhaps…

    She “wants” (like she’ll really have a “choice”) to be on “ALL FOURS”, and experience the AWESOME – yet, BRUTAL – POWER, of the “Cow Milker”!

    Perhaps, that “Moo-chine” will DOMESTICATE her, into the “Perfect HuCow”! ? ?

  5. Id love to see cory on the cow milker soon, that should put a different smirk on her face for sure!

  6. wow, such a wonderful sight with gorgeous models and beautiful breasts. would like to recommend that the use of castration bands be used upon the erect and perky nipples of the models. specifically stretch the green elastic castration bands and apply them to the nipples of the models and follow up with clear plastic suction tubes to increase the sensitivity of the nipples and to heighten the erotic experience of the models. another suggestion would be to apply black or white opaque contacts lenses over the models eyes for some sensory deprivation play to prevent the model from actually seeing what is about to happen. overall a GREAT SITE and would love to see some more models with erect perky and hardened nipples for milking. Cory has such wonderfully erect perky and hardened nipples and the use of some green elastic castration bands upon her nipples would further heighten the sensitivity and possible increase the milk production of this gorgeous hucow!

  7. really wish this could be me, am looking for a farm to keep me 24/7

  8. Put her in diaper please..

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