Jade Samantha – filled cups!

Jade Samantha – filled cups!

The breast training machine is great for udder enhancement, but we are still looking for the best way to use it. Maybe the milking bed will provide the position we need? Our reluctant HuCow Jade Samantha already has great udders, but there’s always room for improvement. Besides, we have to keep training her, she still moans too much. Using the plastic breast cups on her with the very powerful vacuum machine will hopefully give us some nice results!
Jade didn’t really like this training, it was quite extreme because we had to test out all of the preprogrammed milking settings on the machine. Some where very harsh (and fast) and soon Jade’s udders were filling the cups to the max! These are the best results we have seen so far! We left the machine running for a long time, just to make sure, and Jade hated us (again). Life of a HuCow is not easy…

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  1. This is wicked, but i love it, still say you are far too soft with them, comfty bed?, needs to be rough sawn wood planking, with a stock for the neck and one the other end for the feet, cut out for the udders, hands cuffed behind them of course

  2. need transparant cow milking cups we can see inside

  3. petfarmer1

    I think this kind of bed is the best for a good milk production.

  4. Love breast cups vacuuming those wonderful udders – seeing them stretching. The bed is fantastic – all the hucows must have at least several hours a day on it. Strap them to it- ankles, wrists…

  5. I have always wanted to try this vacuum machine -would 38DD fit it?

  6. Have you considered Merilyn Sakova? She could fill a keg with milk. Dear God those utters on her are massive.

  7. Try bring sadie holmes she is lactating, and she is perfect for this

  8. Patrick

    It was with great pleasure that I watched this video where Jade Samantha can feel her breasts being stretched more and more until they completely fill the cups in which they are locked! However, I was a little disappointed because from the start of the session, this Hucow’s breasts almost completely filled the famous cups; I have no doubt that his effort must have been very painful but could you not have used a little larger cups to increase the size of his udders a little further?

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