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Katarina is locked to the milking frame for another session on the cow milker. She does not really want to get milked, and she tries to struggle, making her huge udders swing impressively. The farmer has no pity, he straps a big ballgag into Katarina’s mouth. Interestingly, the only sound she can now make sounds very much like ‘moo’. And Katarina will moo a LOT, especially because the red cow milker is on a high setting and a fairly high speed! She has very sensitive nipples that enlarge quickly during milking, so it is uncomfortable for her as her nipples get so big they get stuck in the cups. This was a good session! Katarina is starting to adjust to her life as a HuCow!

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  1. i like her a lot, i’d like to fuck her!

  2. Best. Update. EVER

  3. Katarina, Olga and Angelica are my favorites!

  4. love big puffy nipples in milking cups but better with tranparant cups

  5. cow milking cups are allso in transparant cups like goatmilking cups

  6. She is why I come back to HuCows. Need more heavy natural utters.

  7. I heard she’s pregnant now, maybe get her after. Hint hint

  8. cdsOwner

    Great video and I’m intrigued by the gag used on her. Can you send a link or info on where to buy it?

  9. Milking Lover

    I’m really happy to see more ball gags lately. It just doesn’t make any sense these cows–unwilling as they are–to be so silent. The gag helps emphasize their helplessness, and that’s a good thing.

  10. Oldbabymilker

    Woooow, you know that she is actually pregnant?
    Maybe could see in future more of her when she has her udders plenty of milk for the baby?
    Wanna see her breastfeeding calves??

  11. now that is a great set of udders ready for some hard milking from one fantastic hucow. let the milk flow….hope she IS pregnant!!!

  12. Finally some proper size of boobs!

    But as I mentioned previously the outer frame of this construction should be inside. It would be much more comfortable to fit arms in. I know, I’m probably the only person who noticed her arms… :)

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