LittleRedGirl – captured

LittleRedGirl – captured

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LittleRedGirl is a tiny curious girl from the UK. Her udders are quite a good size and a bit saggy and soft. So she is a perfect victim to capture and keep as our most recent addition to the herd! LittleRedGirl wakes up in prison, her udders tightly bound with ropes and a huge ballgag strapped into her mouth. She panics, and wants to remove the ropes and her gag, but her hands are strapped in leather mitts. Unable to remove her restraints, she cowers in fear as the farmer comes in to collar her and chain her to the wall. Some time later, her collar is locked to the prison bars, she is handcuffed behind her back, with her udders poking through the bars. She can’t move an inch when the goat milker is applied to her poor nipples. That hurts a lot! LittleRedGirl can’t believe what’s happening to her, she looks terrified throughout the entire experience. Don’t worry, she will settle in eventually!

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  1. Oh I like the set up! Try and squeeze Katie through there ;) definitely got to see this set up again!

    • Milking Lover

      Katie or Maggy or both? Big udders squeezed through the bars, and THEN tied and milked. Yes.

  2. The wonders of a little padlock keeping her locked to the bars, wonderful clip, be nice as Bman says Katie or Katarina. oh hell all of them!

  3. very nice set up…tightly bound udders, in prison….love seeing those udders pumped with the goat milker…hope it is on “high”

  4. Awesome scene,love it.You guys excelled yourselve’s with this.

  5. I love it when the Hucows are collared and chained t the wall – great stuff!

  6. Need to bring Vina back! Missing that cute little girl!!

  7. DarthFugue

    Anyone, here, remember “Li’l Bovina”??? ?

    What happened to her???

    She was giving KATIE a “Run for her money” when, ALL-OF-A-SUDDEN, she “Disappeared”!!! ?

    ADMIN, “Vina” was my FAVORITE HUCOW (OUT OF ALL OF THEM!!!) – where is she???

    PLEASE, Acknowledge this “Plea”, and “Bring her back”? ? ?
    (Or, at the very least, “explain WHY she won’t come back”?)

    — Thank You!

  8. Zoopalong

    When are we going to see a Hucow getting a proper insemination from a Hubull whilst getting milked??

  9. Can’t download…????? Welp

  10. I like to see a girl´s pumped by goat milker

  11. I wish that was me….


    I just invited my girlfriend out to my small farm for the weekend she has 52DD udders with nice teats. I asked her if she’d ever had them miked, she said she does it. I told her not to I had a surprise for her this weekend.

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