Chessie Kay – fucked and milked

Chessie Kay – fucked and milked

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Chessie Kay has got some very sensitive nipples! Even a short time on the goat milker will make her nipples double in size and the milking is quite painful for her. But we wanted to milk her today at a high power setting, so she needed some distraction from the uncomfortable nipple vacuum torture. What better way for a horny girl like Chessie than to use the fucking machine to help her through this hard milking session! The fucking machine is great, and Chessie did a little better during the powerful milking, but we decided to remove the fucking machine halfway to tease her a little. Chessie’s huge udders are fun to play with, and this session more than doubled her nipples in size! Great results, but Chessie is still not a very happy HuCow. Let’s hope she will settle in soon!

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  1. Lovely, i think the best part i liked is when you turned the machine off and had to pull her teat out of the cups!

    • Yes they got so big they got stuck in the cups!

    • I agree– after 15 mins of healthy suction, my tits look more teat like. Arouses my hubby

  2. Impressive update, she made a lot of progress ?

  3. the perfect combination – milked udders and fucked. love when teats have to be pulled out of the machine’s cups – quite suck-cess ful…to the optimum

  4. Her nipples really do look like proper teats by the end as they’ve gotten so big

  5. wonderful boobs and very nice action fucking her in doggie style!

  6. Love it!!

  7. milklover

    in some other hucows movies you can see nipples moves in and out in milking cups and allso see nipples be pulled insite cups why why can not you see it so clearly here ??

  8. honza9966

    Use on some of the cows breast pumps and a nursing bra

  9. So beautiful to see a woman in a natural state. The farm sounds amazing

  10. amazing video, the Goat Milker is the best machine just looks at her nipples and Chessie Kay runs for the best girl on this site

  11. Chessie is amazin. I think she must be add to the farmer program…so angelica can have some rest.

  12. Diese Kuh hat sicher mit die längsten Zitzen, damit ging vermutlich auch Handmelken. Zudem ist sie belastbar.
    Und sie hat schöne Geschlechts-Lappen. Somit hat sie bestimmt gute Zuchtwerte.
    Ich würde sie wahnsinnig gerne melken.

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