Cherry – powerful udder expansion

Cherry – powerful udder expansion

Cherry had her udders pierced! It doesn’t stop us from keeping her as a HuCow, we have milked pierced nipples before. But what we really want to do is to test how much power Cherry can take on the udder expansion machine today! It is not going to be easy, so we have to restrain and gag her. Cherry needs a lot of discipline and training. She doesn’t have the HuCows mindset yet, and she certainly doesn’t enjoy her sessions. We pump her udders extremely hard, trying to get her piercings to touch the cups. It is a harsh training for Cherry today, but it has to be done.

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  1. very fitting Cherry is wearing “cones” as she is “udder” construction – would love to see them right after the cups are removed

  2. The next time CHERRY has an udder expansion session her farmer should let her ride a sybian like the one Ariel rode in HU256. Never get tired of watching a HuCow’s udders expand in size within the clear plastic cups of her training bra.

  3. NICE!! We LOVE IT!!! Cherry with exquisitely PIERCED NIPPLES!!!πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜€ NICE!!!

  4. WOW! JUST WOW!! I second Steve’s responses but would just like to add, THANK YOU! Cherry you are so wonderfully blessed and take such pleasure, delight, happiness and ecstasy to see you appear on thus site with PIERCED NIPPLES!😍😁😍 Your PIERCED NIPPLES are exquisite and you look amazingly gorgeous in this shoot. However, the webmaster neglected to give you some pleasure that you obviously need, want, desire and obviously DESERVE. PIERCED NIPPLES are wonderful and so a great added attraction. Thank You webmaster for bringing back the lovely, gorgeous, beautiful and stunning Cherry. Next time though allow her to be aroused, teased, tormented, pleased and brought to a stunning orgasm on THE SYBIAN. As it is often said, pain is temperoray but film is forever and in the digital information age Cherrys shoots will live up to the AGES. Please bring Cherry back for a MORE THOROUGH and INTENSIVE shoot. May I suggest smaller and shorter NIPPLE SUCTION TUBES to enable a greater level of torment , teasing, pleasing and ultimately sensitive training for a more well balanced orgasmic treat for the Lovely Cherry. Webmaster again Thank You for the beautifully gorgeous Cherry and allow her to CUM for our viewing pleasure in the future shoots. 😍😁😘😍😁😘

  5. Thank you so much to bring Cherry English back here after nearly two years! She is one of the cutest girls and one of my personal top five models here! Thank you very much!

    I like her new nipple piercings! They are damn hot! I would love to see more girls with pierced nipples combined with Nipple Torture Vacuum Devices! A scenario could be: Nipple piercings in a form of a lock. The nipples of the slave-girl are locked to prevent others from stealing milk, maybe together with a chastity belt. The locks are then removed, before milking with e.g. the red cow milker. Afterwards the lock-piercings are put back on.
    Maybe Cherry can have a parallel session with Penny Pocket. It would be great to have a β€œpairing” with the two, hot, nipple-pierced British Ladies!
    Speaking about Cherry and Penny: what happened to the HJBPCCS? Has the concept been abandoned?

  6. The pump motor in the background can that be hooked up to these cups? Thinking the extra power would give us more suction for the udders to fill the cups!

  7. Nip Trainer

    This is one of your best updates! Cherry is helpless and screaming in agony as the machine continues to crank higher. Always like it when the hucows are uncomfortable and in a degree of agony. Harkens back to your very first update with the skinny Hucow screaming β€œGet me outta here!!”

  8. Ella obrart

    Hey im ella, 61kg and breast size 36dd and would love to be a hucow

  9. Fantastic! Cherry English is such a gorgeous doll and absolutely LOVE HER PIERCED NIPPLES! WOW! As mentioned in previous comments it would be great to see Cherry endure an orgasmic vibration ride in top of a Sybian to tease, please and provide orgasmic pleasure to such a beautiful fetish bdsm model. Suggest that her PIERCED NIPPLES receive some special attention with smaller suction tubes combined with larger breast suction tubes to entice a greater orgasmic pleasure for Cherry and allow her to CUM for the viewing audience. Thanks!

  10. NICE! Cherry English is so wonderfully gorgeous and got to add that her PIERCED NIPPLES look fabulous. Nice! Please bring back Cherry English and her PERFECT PIERCED NIPPLES. really a delight to see such wonderful and amazing hucows who can withstand the pain and the torment. Second the request for Cherry English to receive some pleasure with an orgasm or two or three or four. I would recommend that she be “temporarily blinded” with a pair if BLACKOUT CONTACTS to obscure her visual senses whole tormenting and/or teasing her nipples in the next session. Cherry English is such a delight to see and experience. Please bring her back and soon. Nice!

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