Dolly and Penny Lee on the double goat milker

Dolly and Penny Lee on the double goat milker

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Our regular HuCow Dolly likes it more when she is milked with a friend. We have done sessions with Dolly and her friend Jezzy in the past, and recently we have been bringing in our HuCow Penny Lee to support Dolly, who does not really like solo sessions. Dolly is quite experienced, and Penny Lee has done her fair share of sessions too! They have been milked together with the red cow milker before, and now it’s time to put them on the goat milker! They start by oiling each other’s udders, they know how important it is to have supple skin to prevent skin damage and other problems. Their collars are locked to the milking frame and they are cuffed behind their backs. The goat milker is on full power! Poor girls, this was a hard session!

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  1. Nice to have an Update with these two beautiful HuCows having their big udders pumped by the powerful goat milker. Once the machine is turned off and the cups drop off their teats it is good to see how this session increased the size of Dolly and Penny Lee’s nipples.

  2. Two on the goat milker, just thinking what a show it would be, if you had the red cow milker running with two more Hucows, four miked at once!

  3. Nip Trainer

    Four hucows. Two on the goat two on the cow. The machine noise would be loud, but we could endure it.

  4. Nimbo & Nip Trainer — Could the two HuCows being milked by the red cow milker be Katie Thornton & Katarina Hartlova ? Maybe Ariel & Vina by the goat milker. Any farmer’s dream come true.

  5. Nimbo, Nip, Mitch – how about each Cow has one goat & one red attached, to see the difference? Just a thought!

    • Nip Trainer

      Excellent idea! Of course the difference in pressure may not be enjoyable. Unfortunate, but necessary.

    • Nip Trainer

      The difference in pressure might be difficult for the hucow…. farmer’s choice

  6. As much as i love Katie on anything thinking on the lines of Vina And Lanta on the Red,

  7. I really like your thinking but how about we add Sybian to the mix as well.

  8. Rubberspecimen

    Wow, I wish I was inbetween them both lol

  9. please bring back dolly thanks

  10. Great update.. we definitely need more content with two models side by side!!

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