Vina – the milking bed

Vina – the milking bed

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We have a new milking position for our girls: the milking bed! It is a high bed with a cutout for the udders, so they can hang freely to be milked, massaged, and squeezed. Vina is the first HuCow to try the milking bed. She has developed the most of all our cows, her udders have tripled in size since she started her sessions, and she is very docile and does not speak anymore. Vina does not need any restraints, but we used a few, so we could walk out on the session and be assured she would still be there when we returned. Heavily oiling her dangling udders, we made sure they are nice and supple so her nipples get sucked into the goat milker as far as possible. We love this position! It is perfect!

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  1. Bman

    Please please please use this more often! This is the best update yet, can’t wait to see Katie and the rest of the herd on this set up, 11/10!

  2. MilkingLover

    Such an awesome milking rack! However, 1, can you put the vacuum pump in an adjacent room, and run the hoses through a wall to reduce the noise? 2, And I’m surprised more people aren’t saying this but, where are the orgasms? Vina here should have a Hitachi Wand against her pussy so she’s able/forced to climax during her milking. House-Cows will look forward to their treatments more if they know they get to come.

  3. Hucow Lover

    Please use this with Katie! I would love to see Katie’s udders hanging down through the bed like that

  4. yeah1

    It would be great to see the process of hooking them up to the machines; leading them in, subduing them, and strapping them down. It would be incredible!

    • Jan

      One more thing: See getting the girls undressed, especially when they are for the first time.

  5. Ricky

    She should be restrained? What’s to stop her from just getting up and walking away like any other cow?

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