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Meanwhile, Katie is very happy to live her life as a HuCow. After completing her transformation, she has been really good and she doesn’t need much bondage anymore. We still restrain her for her milking sessions though, just in case, but that’s just standard procedure here. We found Katie a nice cow suit and we wanted to see if it made her feel even more docile. Her huge udders are poking out of the suit (of course), and they need VERY regular oiling to keep them supple and in top shape. Massaging HuCows is the most important part of their care. Sometimes Katie massages herself, sometimes she is in bondage so we have to do it. Physically, Katie is our top HuCow for sure! Her mental transformation is almost complete too! Soon she will be available for fan milking sessions, so stay tuned!

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  1. Josh

    What would be better is that she wears the cow mask as well, along with the suit.

  2. robaloo

    fantastic – her udders are the greatest – MUST keep them oiled – is there a hole in her suit for easy rear access too?

  3. Mclaren

    I still say tight cuffs around the base of her udders will help stimulate milk production.

  4. James

    I wish it had a sexier cut, but it’s fun to finally see some cow-print on this website.

  5. Milkman

    Not what would complete this look would be if the hands actually were in a fist in the suit to look like hooves.

  6. DarthFugue

    I AGREE (with @Josh, and @BMan): There’s “No Need”, for a “Cow Mask”!

    What I would like to see, now, is “KATIE… with the RED MILKER… while wearing the COW SUIT!” (A little “CLUE©” Reference, there!)

    Now, THIS… is how you make… a “CowGirl”! 😉😆

  7. john

    ref negative feedback about the cow’s mask. I liked it. I thought, correctly employed, it could be used to great psychological effect in undermining the self-confidence and basic humanity of your herd of hu-cows. Katie obviously thinks she’s a very beautiful girl (And we won’t make her anymore conceited by telling her how much we all agree with her on that.) But she looked thoroughly miserable when she was forced to put that cheap looking (and no doubt smelly) rubber cow’s head on in a previous video. Yes we all laughed at you Katie. We all thought you looked stupid kneeling there with that silly rubber mask on your head and your big boobs on display like the dumb animal you really are. ‘Classy lady’ my ass.

  8. robaloo

    cow suit is nice, but here is one vote for stripped naked, shaved head to toe, wearing nothing but a cow bell – just simplicity

    • MilkingLover

      Shaving the head is probably the last taboo, the very last. But it would be very very sexy indeed to see a heavy-uddered moo buckled and strapped in place with the red or goat milker on her teats and the wand on her clit…and have her head shaved while in that state. She goes in thinking she’s a woman…she comes out knowing she’s a cow.

  9. Bonhart

    She is THE hucow, but it shouldn’t go to her head, better her udders! Hooves are a fantastic idea, maybe little blue ribbons on her udders? John was right methinks about using the cow head wisely.

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