Introducing Julia de Lucia

Introducing Julia de Lucia

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We are acquiring a lot of Spanish HuCows nowadays! Olga, Liz, and now Julia de Lucia! Spain seems to be a good breeding country! Our latest HuCow, Julia de Lucia, is proud of her boobs. She loves showing them off and she can’t stop playing with them. Well, here at the farm, she will learn that boobs are not for playing! We will keep her in strict bondage so she can’t touch herself and she will be regularly milked to show her what her udders are for. Today, she is going straight to the barn and she will be hooked to the goat milker. We think Julia is a great addition to our herd, she just needs to learn that milking is a good thing. Next time we will add some stimulation to her session, so her brain will start associating milking with pleasure.

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  1. I would love to breed her I love her so much I would like to see her on the red cow Miller next with Olga or Liz or vina I hope to see fine back on her soon

  2. Gorgeous girl with gorgeous tittys :)
    Great update, keep going! We want more of her in the future

  3. hello Julia….nice fucking udders!!!!! they look like they could really do the job…get her on the bed too to stretch those udders

  4. Can you please put Katarina on this set up? Stand and all, that is my one request! To see her udders hang and get milked would be perfect

  5. One suggestion regarding this frame. Rebuild it to make the inner frame be outside and the outer be inside. It will be easier to fit girls in.

  6. Bienvenido a la manada = Welcome to the herd!

  7. MilkingLover

    What’s with all the skinny girls lately? Enough with the supermodels, bring on the hefty farm girls!

  8. Girls if someone approaches you in the street and says “You’re a good looking girl… do you want to do a short web-cam video shoot? It’s easy, all you’ve got to do is sit on a white blanket wearing a sexy little black cozzie and play with your tits. It’ll only take a few minutes and there’ll be plenty of lira in it for you.” DON’T DO IT… IT’S A TRAP!

    • John, How else are we going to get girls in our herd, of course its a trap,
      But i think on the postive side the girls moan a lot, and rub their nips, but i think they are mad up later to know there tits and nips are getting bigger, which they will be in more demand and earn them more money, so its a win – win for all.
      As for Julia here she moaned a bit but seem to enjoy most of the milking! well i thought so.

  9. You should update the “Machines” section on the website.

  10. Katerina is the best. Is she still do that?? How to contact her? I’m really really like her.

    • I agree she is the best by far!! Please bring her back

    • moloko4frank

      Katerina posed pregnant a couple of years ago and has been in videos showing her lactating. Talk about the perfect cow!

  11. you should use a more quiet pump machine, this noise is so annoying

  12. what about Natalia Forrest, you could pump her milk

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