Little Caprice – strange noises

Little Caprice – strange noises

Well, we had to get Little Caprice on the electronic breast training machine of course. She is a petite girl with small udders, so we need to make them a bit bigger. The problem is, Caprice has a really small chest so the cup shape doesn’t match the curve of her ribcage. This means that some air is escaping from the sides of the cups, creating a very strange farting sound. Don’t worry though, the machine sucks out more air than can escape from the side, so Caprice’s small udders will be stretched into the cups quite a bit. She did not like this treatment at all, but it has to be done. It was a very surreal experience, one of the most famous teen babes in our breast treatment room, having her udders pumped, with some very strange noises accompanying her moans and struggling. With some added infrared therapy, we managed to almost stretch her to double size though, that is quite a good result when a HuCow is lying on her back!

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  1. stretch those udders… the best progress will be made once they fill out so no air escapes….then LOOK OUT

  2. love this machine!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why has it got to be on a bed? wouldn’t a rack [ rack, tits, udders get it? ] be better with the hucow stretched out, and as you enlarge the udders you could turn the wheel to stretch her a bit more if she protests about her udders!

  4. Is Vina ever coming back?

  5. UdderlyAmazing

    OMG…so hot…Caprice would look amazing face down on the bed like Jade Samantha…fitted properly with full suction…looking forward to more!

  6. UdderlyAmazing

    Would love to see maybe Maggy or Lulu trick Caprice into undergoing more and more suction & stretching…Caprice in a daze, not realizing what she’s in for…as the stretching progress continues…

  7. More Little Caprice Please

  8. Where can a person find this machine. Wound love to get one for me.

  9. UdderlyAmazing

    Any more/updates on Little Caprice returning for another session?

  10. udderlover

    How long is Little Caprice on the milking machine.

  11. udderlover

    Little Caprice is one of my favourite cows.
    I like watching her being milked hard.
    Pity her udders are not big enough.
    They do look cute though.

  12. thatguyoverthere

    nice one here. put her on milking bench maybe?

  13. Seeing her progress more and more as you continue stretching her udders until they fill the cups will be exciting! She may even start to lactate if she allows you to put her thru the entire program. Love Caprice !!

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