Angelica – vibrated on the milking bed

Angelica – vibrated on the milking bed

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Angelica is one of the HuCows we use for Farmer sessions. People come to the barn from all over the world to experience what it is like to be a HuCow farmer (info here). With Angelica, many guest farmers have come over to try a private milking session with Angelica, she is perfect for private sessions, because she is used to being milked and she is very docile. Her udders can be massages, and she can handle all machines. Also, a nice bonus is she is now associating milking with stimulation, so she can be milked in combination with a fucking machine or (her favorite) a magic wand. Obviously we can not show these private milking sessions on here (they are not recorded), but recently a guest farmer came over and he vibrated Angelica on the milking bed for a long time. She reached a few orgasms and she was totally happy, so we thought we would recreate this session for you and show you what Angelica did in this private milking session. We hope you like it, and if you want to try this for yourself: Angelica is available at our barn to let you experiment with her and all of our machines!

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  1. what fantastic udders… would love to have first and second hands opportunities to massage them. love how they look through the milking bed and how firm and ready for milking they are. Am very sure that the vibrator only heightens the sensations and increases the milk supply

  2. Thank you for fully restraining the cow this time!

  3. Milking Lover

    Lovely session, and she’s adorable, but again with the skinny girls? Where are the big cows with the big udders?

    • Angelica is not particularly skinny, but do you mean really fat cows? We might have one soon!

      • Hucow1881

        Get out of here that cow is starving!! Bellies ,sagging utters and stretch marks. Dimpled skin and chubby checks!

      • Surprisingly and perfectly. I could become a big and fat cow with a big udder….

  4. I like the new strap over the midsection, definitely was needed. I have a question, when will Katie or katarina be featured again? Those two were perfect for this site

  5. Great clip and one of your biggest so far i think! she seems to enjoy it, and if they do then the milk will flow soon,
    Question: when you turn the machine off, do the cups fall away because the vacuum has gone?, as i would love to see the cups pulled off with it running, then turn it off.
    What do other members think?

  6. Please no fat-asses on this site. We don’t need more obese women. We can find porn of obese women milking their tits elsewhere easily. This place is for attractive girls being milked against their will and in my opinion it should stay that way

    • agreed…love seeing pert, small tits increased in size…they have milk too…..

    • yes machine shall still running when cups take off and allso need transparant cups in cow milker so we can see nipples inside transparant cups. other there like the same.

  7. nice to see her again

  8. No fat girls please and no skinny ones either! :) We need more like Katie, Chessie and Katarina.

  9. Hucow1881

    Wow shocking how many fatphobic people are here considering cows are huge fat animals! To each there own.

  10. I don’t want fat women either… I just want big boobs, I’m not a fan of the small breasted updates, likes stated above!
    More like Katie, chessie and Katerina!

  11. SuckingBoobsdry

    Do you know Angelica’s Aliases or any ID Indexxx etc…

  12. Milchmaedchen

    Auch fette Frauen haben eine Berechtigung auf dieser Seite.

  13. Paula Johnson

    Maybe a menu selection for us plus size cows? I am a plus size model in the states and am in training to be a hucow. All hucows deserve the same respect as all shapes and sizes have followers. I have never received as much attention as I do now that I am being milked daily.
    I am currently interviewing bulls for breeding and the list of potentials keeps growing.
    These beautiful round, bountiful hucows are very beautiful and adding a menu selection for men with other preferences only seems fair. Why should those farmers and customers be excluded?
    Just one hucow in training opinion.

  14. I want to be a real hucow

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