Liz – too soon?

Liz – too soon?

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Moving Liz to the barn was a big deal. She was still crying and shaking from her pumping session. The thing is, she has unique udders and nipples, so we really wanted to move her progress along. In our haste, we decided the next step for Liz would be the red cow milker. Maybe it was too soon. We haven’t had a puffy nipples HuCow yet, so we did not know this particular machine would have such a strong effect. Because of her teat shape, a very large part of her nipples disappears into the red milking cups. The strong suction stretches her a lot further than small HuCow nipples. It was quite painful for Liz, and she was still very panicky from the first session. We tried to make her feel more comfortable by adding a magic wand, but it only added to her distress. Liz cried a lot. Still, she needs to learn that milking sessions will be regular, and they will become pleasurable eventually. It will just take a lot longer for Liz to get there.

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  1. wow! This and the previous update are masterpieces. This position and the milking bed are the best from all.

    So we have 3 girls in this postion right now: Alais, Liz and Ashley. We need more girls in this setup please :)

    I wish te red milking cups were transparent like the goat one’s so we could see how far the nipples are sucked it would be awesome.

  2. good, but i prefer the goat milker and a fuck machine in her pussy. I really enjoy to see a girl been milked and fucked in doggy style.

  3. Well she made a lot of fuss, i think next time she will need to be gagged till she learns her place, or you should invest in a strap, and flog her backside till she calms down i know one shouldn’t be cruel to animals but she needs to know its for the best in the long run!

  4. Mongrelwanderer

    Personally, I fucking LOVE when they scream. Double down on it. :D

  5. Has our “Li’l Bovina” ‘Retired’, from HUCOWS.COM?

    If she hasn’t, please, bring her back…? (have her do the NEXT “UPDATE”?) ?

  6. what about Natalia Forrest, you could pump her milk

  7. love her shapely udders and her nips —- maybe a ball gag to settle her down also

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