Ashley vibrated and milked

Ashley vibrated and milked

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After her initiation, Ashley was still very arrogant and restless. So we had to strap her to the best milking frame to try and make her more docile. Vibrating your HuCows is always a good idea. It helps to stimulate milk production, but mainly it associates the milking with a pleasurable experience, training the mind of your HuCow. Consistently vibrating your HuCow when she is milked will make her more obedient and relaxed. It will also help in transforming her mind from a human girl into a more animal-like state. Strong vibration will even stop her struggling! Being vibrated and milked at the same time can cause a little mental overload, so be careful not to overdo it, always build up your sessions!

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  1. Nip Trainer


  2. Great update :)

    You should use the goat milker on it’s max settings so it would be way better than the red one. It’s my suggestion only.

  3. Cow Claire

    Love it. I am a 44DD and hope to increase to a F or G 48/50. Can’t wait for my first milking. It’s hard to find places/farms near where I live that has hucows

  4. Interested in becoming one :))),
    A Hucow, that is. Anyone near I Southern CA?

    • You may have to cheat for a bit, and use an automatic expressing machine (from the baby aisle), to try out yourself for a while. Use a lamp timer to have it turn on and off when you want.

      For the massager, get one of those leather harnesses so it is strapped in place and cannot be shaken loose, and enjoy yourself

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