Rachel Adams – sensitive

Rachel Adams – sensitive

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We have Rachel Adams in the barn! She is a tough girl, but not many people know her nipples are ultra sensitive. She will need a lot of sessions to get used to the milking machines! She also will probably always need to be in bondage and gagged. This is a seriously hard session, and soon Rachel was crying through her gag. It’s not easy getting milked by the goat milker for the first time. She just wanted it to stop, but the machine is relentless and it will keep going and going. Don’t worry though, we take care of our herd. We won’t damage our HuCows, we only want to make their udders and nipples grow! And we did just that, even though it was not easy for poor Rachel Adams.

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  1. Perfect ballgag to muffle the sounds of Rachel’s pain. Rachel’s eyes and facial expressions let you see that this was a very tough session for her on the goat milker. Is Rachel willing to go through the sessions that made Vina the HuCOW she is today ?

  2. Should try to get the girls to Moo, once in awhile. It would be extremely Hot. :)

  3. New here and this is the best site yet. Suggestion, how about a multi cow milking session? Not just duos but as many of the herd at the same time as possible.

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