Katie – HuCow life

Katie – HuCow life

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Katie has grown so much! Not just her udders but her entire body has transformed into a HuCow! Of course, she was tamed and trained a long time ago, so she is completely docile and used to daily massages, milking, and feeding procedures.
Katie gets out of her tiny cage, and crawls around on her knees. There is a calf drinking bucket, but she is gagged. She knows to wait for the farmer to take off her gag before she can drink. Meanwhile, she oils her udders, and stretches her limbs by crawling around some more, as far as the leash chain will allow. The farmer comes in and gestures to Katie to crawl over. She presents her udders for inspection. He squeezes and gropes her huge udders, and Katie loves it. Finally the gag is taken out and she can drink. Katie is living the HuCow life and she is our top specimen! We will never sell Katie (sorry), she is just too valuable.

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  1. I would be happy if you did another season either for Ariel or Mira

  2. Beautiful Katie, the epitome of hucowdom – the gold standard for all hucows to be measured against – such mammoth udders – seems like just yesterday she joined your stable

  3. Anytime she is let out of her cage Katie’s huge massive udders need to be milked. Even a simple breast pump with its plastic bottles would do.

  4. Great progress after all these years. Would really like to see her in the same setup from her first session, but now, because she is “the perfect docile HuCow”, with many more extras. A Gag, nipple clamps, a magic wand or/and a fucking machine with high speed and the red cow milker with high speed, while her perfect Udders are all very tied up. A real challenge for a real HuCow. Maybe we can get with all this some real sounds out of her?

  5. Missing Sabrina, hope to see her soon on the red cow Milker

  6. Katie is a top specimen for a hucow, with lovely big full udders hanging down, calling out to be touched, fondled, massaged and milked. I would gladly volunteer and offer to play with her beautiful tits and milk her daily.

  7. Magnificent tits and udders on Katie. If only all Hucows were here size. Personally, I like full size tits with large plump udders. So hot to get a handful or mouthful of that sexy udder. Begging to be sucked, twisted, slapped, etc.. I want to take this proud Hucow from behind. Give her what she really wants, what they all want…big cock buried deep inside that sweet cunt.

  8. eine der schönsten Milchkühe im Stall. Mit ihr sollte gezüchtet werden. Sie sollte vom Stier gedeckt werden

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