Little Caprice – pumped hard

Little Caprice – pumped hard

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Little Caprice is still a little arrogant in our barn. She is a big star you know! She would never ever let anyone squeeze her cute udders. Her behavior makes the farmer a little bit more forgetful… on purpose. For example, he ‘forgot’ the Red Cow Milker was still on super high speed. Little Caprice gets the surprise of her life when the cups are applied. The most powerful machine at high speed without any oil on her udders! Locked by her neck, wrists, and ankles, there is not much Caprice can do, her little udders are dangling freely, for the farmer to do as he wants. The most famous girls need the most training, they are always a bit spoiled and not used to being treated like this. Caprice on the Red Cow Milker again, you don’t want to miss this!

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  1. This session using the Red Cow Milker helped to increase her nipple size. Little Caprice needs many sessions with the electronic breast training machine and a bra with cups to help her small udders to grow like Vina’s.

  2. You beat me to it Mitch was going to say the same thing, but must admit she took the red cow milker well, i think touching her teats afterward hurt the most?

  3. very good Little Caprice!!!

  4. I just wonder if this little girl is small enough to fit the new milking stand

    • Almost all hucows are small enough for the milking stand but their legs are too short to reach the floor.

  5. I would love to be hooked up to that

  6. Drchaos48

    Nothing wrong with little Caprice. Her body (titts, nipples and all) are absolutely PERFECT. keep it as is dear.. Its a dream body you have.

  7. I totally agree with MITCH, Little Caprice really needs the Red Cow milker a lot more often on high to get the most size out of her nipples faster. Keep her on it as often as you can. She needs it.

  8. I really enjoy her facial expressions, as if she’s annoyed and she’s plotting her revenge once she’s free. She’s a great actress.

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