Charlie Ten – to the barn

Charlie Ten – to the barn

Don’t worry, we did not forget about our voluntary HuCow Charlie Ten! She wants training so bad, and to be honest she is a very promising addition to the barn. She is very submissive and docile. Her udder size is already quite good (but needs to improve) and her teat size is decent too. But those udders need to be expanded and those nipples need to be just a little bit longer for more efficient milking. So let’s start with the nipples. We moved Charlie to the barn now, where she is strapped to the milking frame. This nipple procedure is going to hurt, so we needed a ballgag, and a fucking machine to keep her mind busy. We tried pumping her nipples to triple the size. Seems like Charlie liked it… or was it the fucking machine keeping her happy?

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  1. A good session for Charlie Ten using the electronic breast training machine. It was nice to see her nipples slowly increase in size within the nipple cups.

  2. Absolutely wonderful!! Pet the cows a lot more and have them ask to be milked…
    Charlie seemed to be enjoying the session! More of that !

  3. love her super long nipples… sure to be successful milking those udders soon

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