Liz – pump treatment

Liz – pump treatment

Liz did not have the easiest progress here at the farm. She was captured because of her puffy nipples, and her unique udder shape. She could use a bit more growth, so she was pumped and milked a lot over the past year. It’s very hard for her, because her pointy nipples get sucked into the cups very far. To make things more comfortable for her, we tried to add sexual stimulation to every session. Today is no different. Liz is in the HuCow checkup room, strapped to the bed, her mouth spread open with a dental gag. She will be milked by the electronic breast training machine. The farmer uses a magic wand to help Liz’s brain process the discomfort of this treatment. And there’s result! A little drop of milk appears from her nipples!

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  1. Milk at last! Sorry Liz but we have to use the goat milker on you now!

  2. The thing I like about Liz’s milking is all the noise she makes while her beautiful pointy udders with large puffy nipples are pumped. The clear cups let you see how her nipples grow and expand during this painful session. Maybe a little more volume can be added to Liz’s udders if she has more sessions using the electronic breast training machine and a bra with breast cups. It was nice to see a drop of milk on Liz’s left nipple after the milking cups were removed.

  3. Barbiebnymph

    You can tell how much she needs this now.

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