Little Lanta – Hucow pet training

Little Lanta – Hucow pet training

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It is not easy to transform girls into docile HuCows. They need to be trained daily, and there are many things they need to learn. Little Lanta is already quite far in her training, but she still needs her lessons. This flexible girl knows she is not allowed to speak, she crawls along on a leash, and she drinks from a cattle bucket. Lanta is also used to being in her cage when she is not needed for sessions. Today, you will see her doing some more training, including nipple suckers, getting oiled, groped, and massaged without flinching, inserting a buttplug, and getting vibrated in a vulnerable position. Little Lanta is such a cute pet slave! She is tiny, but she will make a great HuCow!!

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  1. A little different, but nice! Maybe after being milked, the cows could be rewarded with the magic wand, as long as they are suitably secured in a frame/stocks/pillory of sorts. Would have like to seen the nipple pumps applied, and her cage was far too big!.
    If you every get bored with Lanta and decide to take her to market to sell, i will be happy to take her off your hands, I would love to milk daily her while she hangs by her ankles!

  2. Surprised Little Lanta’s firm round udders were not milked after the nipple suckers were removed.

  3. Love Lanta. She is so pretty! I love seeing her in the breeding position (legs chained above her head). Hopefully we can see her getting fucked and milked soon. I enjoy her buttplug as well. If pink is new cow, then what is purple?

  4. Wow! This juicy slut needs 2B bound, ballgagged, teat clamped, & suctioned all in 1 session.

  5. Please make another like this with her or caprice

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