200 updates! Katarina fucked and sucked!

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We can’t believe we already are at update 200 on this website! It has gone so fast in the past years, and we love all the support we have been getting. We couldn’t have done this without you! 200 milking sessions and many more private sessions, it has been a great experience! And we are just getting started, there’s much more to come! To celebrate, we have an incredible update for you: Katarina like you have never seen her before: on the fucking machine! It is actually needed to take her mind off the goat milker. Since Katarina has big nipples that get really puffy during milking, the goat milker extends her nipples to almost 1 inch during milking (you can see it in the closeups). After milking, her nipples are so swollen the goat milker can’t even come off, she needs to wait a while to be released from the machine. Good thing she is also getting fucked from behind, it helps her to relax and take this harsh milking! Please join our site to support us, 200 updates are there for you to download!

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  1. I’m so glad to see katarina back! She’s my all time favorite. This is an amazing update!
    Really want to see more of her!

  2. HAPPY 200!!!! ABSOLUTLELY THE BEST SITE!!!!! Love seeing Katrina and her fantastic udders!!!!! Her nipples are great and who wouldn’t need time on the fucking machine … even while milking!!! Thank you again!!!!!

  3. nice

  4. Nip Trainer

    Katarina is the perfect mascot for the site. Huge NATURAL udders with big red nips, a helpless yet angry look of “why are you doing this to me!” A wonderful blonde tail of hair. If only she has a fuller ass 😃

    Great choice for Session 200. Still waiting for a head to head milking (Katarina vs. Vina? Katerina vs. Angela?) And more real udders, less fake silicone jobs

  5. Love being milked. My udders getting bigger. Love to try this milker out.

  6. milkinglover

    Gotta say it was a pity the vacuum pump was so loud; she was making such delightful noises. I think the Hitachi would have been a nice addition too. Other than that a delightful addition to the library!

  7. I am wanting to be a hucow I am wanting to experience the hucow life with the experience of being naked and breeded and to have my tits on a milking machine and to be on all fours with tits hanging I have naked pictures on the hucow site where people can see me naked

  8. Congratulations on 200 amazing updates. I love this site, I would love to get to your farm one day to milk a beautiful hucow myself.

  9. Wowwwwww….. Katarina nipples omg.. so fluffy and soft.. i wnt be calf now…

  10. Katarina’s udders are so beautiful and big! Love to see them hanging down and sucking up the suction cups of the milker. Lovely beautiful nipples as well. Hanging well

  11. Henrik Anderzon

    Perfect cup position for that strait nipple pull, that spreads the weight of the cups evenly to the hole breast
    good job, thanks for the important work that you and the girls are doing
    keep up the good work hi from “Anderzoncontrol”


    Maar Ikzelfs Kan Mij Heel Erg Goed Voorstellen Dat Helemooie Blonde Ferventen Nudiste Vleesmeisje Ongemakkenli
    Jken Dat Er Aan Het Melkmachine Vastkomen Te Zitten Gaan Dus Toch;=Maar Zij Denkt Erbij Haar Zelfs Waar Mee b
    Ent Ikzelfs Ermee Beginnen;=Er In Het Zo;Een Gemakkenlijken Verhouding Gaan Zitten Te Gaan Toch Dus Hoor?

  13. die Zitzen sind extrem toll, ich würde sie aber in der Melkposition belassen und nicht sitzen lassen, wie ein Mensch, sie ist eine Kuh mit grossen Zitzen. Melkfett drauf und dann bis zum nächsten Melktag Ruhe

    • Ich bin der gleichen Meinung. Katarina gehört gefesselt und angekettet an das Melkgestell. Dann ist die Hucow völlig wehrlos. Natürlich wird es der Kuh nicht gefallen. Besonders wenn die Nippel beim Abmelken auf 2 bis 3 Zoll gedehnt werden. Katarina wird vor Schmerzen stöhnen oder besser gesagt, sie wird muhen. Aber Katarina wird es wohl ertragen müssen.

  14. A good one for goldie blair, Christina Carter or nyssa never

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