Julia de Lucia – cow milker orgasms

Julia de Lucia – cow milker orgasms

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Spanish HuCow Julia de Lucia really hates her milking sessions a lot. And this one is as extreme as they get: the powerful red cow milker stretches her udders and sucks in her nipples at the same time. Because the support chain for the milker claw was a bit too long, the full weight of the entire claw hangs off Julia’s udders. Usually we don’t do sessions like this, but there was no time to correct it. Her udders looked seriously stretched and she was moaning a lot. Instead of supporting the cups, we solved her distress by adding a magic wand. That will be part of her training anyway: she needs to learn to associate milking with pleasure. Brainwashing takes many sessions, so it’s important to start with vibrators or fucking machines early on! Julia had many intense orgasms, including some after her milking. She said something in Spanish after her session, even though HuCows shouldn’t speak. We didn’t understand her, but we think she liked it!

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  1. Her stretched udders look great – would like to see how others look with theirs stretched like this.

  2. milkinglover

    She’s lovely and a cute little climaxer.

  3. milkinglover

    Oh and cows talk less when properly gagged. Just sayin’.

  4. I’d like to fuck her in doggiestyle and fill her pussy with sperm

  5. I don’t know about sperm but some hucows might welcome a dildo pole or a fucking machine.

    • milkinglover

      @Pat this is a perfect position to fill a cow with semen–what better way to breed her properly?

  6. what if you use a normal breast pump cups with a stronger pump machine like this one?

  7. ‘Her udders looked seriously stretched and she was moaning a lot’ Actually, as long as we succeed in getting milk out of them, it doesn’t matter how much, or how far, Julia de Lucia’s breasts are stretched. They can end up dangling down on the floor for all we care. Julia might not be too happy about it though.

  8. Nice show, one hears the sound of the suction just before the cups grasp on to the nipples, Perfect cup position for that strait nipple pull, that spreads the weight of the cups evenly to the hole breast, we at “anderzoncontrol” like to thank you and the girls for the important work you do.

  9. I love when they’re not gagged so we can hear their undistorted noises. Nothing sexier than a hucow who is really enjoying it!

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