Liz – inspection and pumping

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It is important to do regular check ups of your HuCows. They need to stay in top shape. Medical inspections are just as important as exercise. Liz is taken to the inspection room to be examined and oiled to ensure she is a healthy HuCow. After the inspection, her udders are oiled up for a pumping session. Liz has uniquely shaped udders with large puffy teats but she could use a little more volume. Regular pumping sessions will help. She is now quite well trained, and she can even be told to do the pumping herself. It’s not easy for Liz, but she pumps both of her udders to the maximum size. Well done, Liz! You can return to the barn now for your milking sessions.

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  1. I think vina needs a check up to see how much weight she’s gained and how her measurements have changed since joining the herd

  2. oiling and pumping udders really do work!!!! know from experience.

  3. What are the inspections?

    • All 3 holes are checked, udders are checked for stretch and growth potential, nipples are checked for stretch potential and sensitivity. There may be more inspections depending on the HuCow’s history and past training.

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