LittleRedGirl – locked udders

LittleRedGirl – locked udders

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LittleRedGirl is a young heifer with extremely soft udders. To train and milk her, we really need to put more pressure on those nice dangling teats, so we have tied them with rope again and again. Today, we are trying locking udder bands. LittleRedGirl is locked to a frame by her collar and this makes her completely accessible for the goat milker to do its job. Her locked udders are still sore from earlier milkings, but we need to get on with it: LittleRedGirl is such a promising HuCow, we can’t let her take a break. Gagged with a big shiny red ball again, she will have to deal with the goat milker once again. The HuCow lifestyle is often not easy for young heifers, but they will get used to it. They all do.

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  1. Locked udders!!!! wow!!! something new!!! would love to see these used much more often … milking smaller teats.

  2. milkinglover

    It would be lovely to see the big udders we all signed up for, especially if they were locked in a similar fashion.

  3. Nip Trainer

    Good work. Love how elongated you got her nipples. Perhaps you should band them at the end of a session to keep them stretched. Just a thought

  4. We will love to see bigger udder tied.. till they become pink.. and then milked…

  5. ich finde das Video und Training perfekt! Ich finde dass das die Beste Position ist – im Rahmen stehend, Hände am Rücken, dann mit Knebel. Die Kuh hat extrem gut ausgeprägte Zitzen und auch schöne zwar kleine Hängeeuter.
    Schön auch wie sie vor Geilheit sabbert

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