Britney – massage chair udder pump

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Britney is back! She had some adventures here at the farm already, but her udders are still quite small. Time to pump them using very high vacuum power! The special udder bra may look cute, but it is real torture when the full pressure is on! It’s impossible to remove it by hand, that’s how strong the vacuum is. Britney’s udders are pumped to two, maybe three times their original size. But we are not all evil, we gave her a nice massage chair for her comfort! Britney is still a little panicky and scared during her sessions, let’s hope she will get more docile soon!

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  1. It is nice to see Britney again since 108 weeks have passed since her last Update in the barn with the red cow milker pumping her udders. The electronic breast training machine and the vacuum created within the clear plastic udder bra show that Britney’s udders could triple in size if she is willing to have more sessions like this one.

  2. Nip Trainer

    Nice touch with the massage chair… impressive!

  3. it looks very comfortable – would like to try ithat bra myself. She is adapting well, with part of the hucow outfit below the waist…bigger udders and she will fit her custom made top perfectly

  4. The cow print is cute aside from the part wear cows shouldn’t be allowed clothes that cover important parts of their anatomy (or clothes at all if I’m being honest). Strip the heifers naked and leave them that way for pete’s sake! lol. I love the massage chair!

  5. NICE!! Britney has such fine perky erect and hardened nipples. NICE! Suggest you use a smaller diameter suction cup for some cupping action on her PERFECT erect nipples then follow up with a pair if green elastic castration bands to firm up her nipples and keep them erect then a secondary session of suction action for a more intense cupping play. Britney looks great with such perfect nipples. NICE!!!

  6. RubberRik

    Love the massage chair (needs some straps badly,lol) but it’s something new and interesting.

    Kind of agree with Kelly that the cows are much better naked, with ear tags and bondage gear. Might be interesting to see some cow spots painted on their skin once in awhile.

  7. hucowlover

    Every small udder hucow needs this training to enlarge their udder.

  8. Love this update but next time please show a full pan of the bondage the cow is in. I an left wondering the whole time if her ankle cuffs are affixed to the structure or not. Cows must be properly and heavily restrained at times.

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