Katie – nipple enlargement training

Katie – nipple enlargement training

Katie’s udders are huge and full, she is our most developed HuCow! But her nipples are very small compared to her massive udders. She will need a lot of specific training to her teats to elongate. The best way to do that is the electronic breast training machine with some glass cups to stretch her nipples to 3 or 4 times their original size. The shape of the cups make sure the effect lasts very long, and with enough training sessions on her teats, we should be able to reach a perfect nipple size to milk her better on the goat milker or red cow milker.

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  1. NICE! Nipple enlargement therapy is an essential must-do training for hucows to become effective efficient and reliable milk cows. Absolutely LOVE the clear glass or plastic nipple tubes for some intense nipple suction and cupping sessions. Katie really needed this therapy. Now the webmaster and director if thus site needs to step up the sessions to the next level with the addition of a pair of green elastic castration bands that can be stretched and placed upon her nipples by a Mistress. Then the Mistress can intensify her nipple enlargement therapy by re-applying the suction tubes to keep her NIPPLES enlarged to their maximum length and hardness. NICE!!!! 👹

  2. “Well Katie the cups are on your teats, i will turn the machine on, and we can begin to lengthen them, i will pop back from time to time to see how you’re getting on, but don’t expect to be released before this evening, and as a special treat you can have the goat milker to keep you company thought out the night. In the morning we can start all over again”!
    Walks out with an evil laugh!!!!!!!

  3. OH !!!!!! the Queen of all HUCOWS… yes, the only chink in Her armor… she must have larger – AND LONGER – nipples to complete the perfect udders!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love watching Katie’s nipples expand and contract in size within the glass cups used with the electronic breast training machine. The end result of this session speaks for itself. POLITELY – Where have you gone Katarina Hartlova ? Seventy weeks have passed since your last Update !!!

  5. Wonderful to see Katie again fully nude and restrained as all cows should be. She is a beautiful creature and I do so hope to see more milk from her soon. Perhaps she needs a few more sessions with the bulls to get the milk flowing!

  6. William48

    I do say I think this girl needs the Sybian to distract her from the expansion.

  7. jordan2101

    Can you please bring back bovina with the milking machine. We all miss her cute udders being Milked and hopefully we will see some milk start to come out.

  8. I must SECOND William48’s suggestion about the Sybian but use a lower setting and then gradually increase the rotation and vibration alternately and incrementally for a proper stimulatuve response.

  9. We want caprice back

  10. We want Little Caprice back again

  11. Bring katarina back please!! Her and Katie are the best! Love this site, congrats on the many years of updates

  12. William48´s idea is great, and Katie will of course have rotating dildoes in both her love-holes!

  13. hier moet katarina hartlova op

  14. the fact that katie is regularly making milk with each session is super hot. Keep showing off the fact that some of the hucows are making milk.

  15. Thank you very much for who says my idea is great.

  16. Lilgirlkatie


  17. Where do you get the glass nipple tubes? I need them for me.

  18. noch länger und mit mehr Druck saugen und täglich damit die Zitzen endlich die Länge erreichen die zu dem großen Euter passen

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