Alais – too curious

Alais – too curious

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Alais is such a proper English girl! But she is curious too, and she sneaked into the barn to have a look at the goat milker! She even tried it on her nipples! Her verdict was: ‘oh no! I don’t like that at all!!’. Moments later, Alais found herself shackled to a humiliating milking frame, on all fours, her neck and limbs locked by heavy heavy cuffs, she could barely move! Her big udders dangled freely, ready for a generous splash of oil to lubricate her nipples! The goat milker has such a big effect on Alais, she goes into another world when she is milked! It this the first case of milking orgasm we have witnessed? This powerful machine certainly sucked all the energy out of poor young Alais!!

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  1. [ like it I would like her on the New Red cow milker

  2. How about maKing Alias naked

  3. She defenitely should be naked when milked and easy to approach for penetration

  4. Yes all hu-cows should be stripped naked as a matter of course. To prevent them from incorrectly identifying themselves with human beings. And they should also be impregnated via artificial insemination so that they all have big round preggo bellies. This will help to increase milk production.

  5. I am sure John left out that they should be shaved bald too

  6. yes quite right robaloo. in fact they should be depilated until they are completely hairless all over. and then maybe dipped into some chemical bath to make that condition permanent. oh, and de-voiced of course, so that they can only “moo”.

  7. Great girl chain her up and suck this nipples until she is a docile little cow.

  8. hornylittlecow

    when do we get to see some cows get breed as they are milked?

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