Daisy recruits a new HuCow

Daisy recruits a new HuCow

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Our resident HuCow Daisy was feeling a bit lonely, so we said: ‘If you know any big boobed girls, feel free to bring them in, and start training them!’. Sure enough, Daisy brought in the beautiful blonde Buttercup, with all natural boobs (just like Daisy, believe it or not). Buttercup was very very apprehensive about the whole situation, but Daisy managed to calm her down with an oily breast massage. She then introduced Buttercup to the goat milker (which was on high speed), and gently let her get used to the feeling of having her udders milked. It all took a lot of gentle caressing and sweet talking, but Daisy did it: we have a new HuCow!!

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  1. Buttercup is hot, great boobs, but I still don’t understand why hucows are wearing clothes, shouldn’t cows be naked?

  2. Buttercup’ what an appropriate name for a cow. Maybe you should have it engraved on a little brass cow bell and hang it around her neck? Too bad she doesn’t yet realise that a few months of intensive milking, with devices like the red cow milker, will leave those big natural udders of hers that she’s so proud of dangling down around her knees.

  3. why don´t fuck them? Only milking and bondage? thanks

  4. Nude ? I would rather like to see them in a very tight corset so their beautiful boobs become even bigger. Thanks nice vid.

  5. hehe

  6. What’s her name

  7. Bill Clinton

    How much for a litre of fresh milk?

  8. I am a man and would love to be a hucow for milking and needing. Any chance?

  9. jennifer

    what is her real name?

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