Dolly – not an easy life

Dolly – not an easy life

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HuCow life is definitely not easy. Getting milked regularly is painful in the beginning, and some girls are very sensitive. Dolly thinks she is ready for self milking, but she was probably taking it too lightly. Self milking on the red cow milker is very hard, especially after a while, and Dolly soon tried pulling on the cups. She did not place them very well either (the cups should be really centered on the nipple), so that did not help. We had to handcuff her again to finish the milking session. Dolly is definitely not ready yet to get milked without restraints!

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  1. HELLO DOLLY!!!! she should be restrained… seems only natural. have to give her credit though, she IS taking the initiative, A real go get her !!!!!

  2. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  3. Nip Trainer

    Dolly’s eager…but doesn’t appear to be the brightest bovine in the bunch. Hopefully with time and training she’ll get there…

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